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Cousin to cabbage, but far more striking, romanesco is rich in carotenoids and vitamins C and K.

Kabocha Squash

The kabocha, or Japanese pumpkin, is a favorite for its mild, sweet flavor and finely grained flesh.

Pink Ladies & Rhubarb

Pretty in pink, perfect for spring.


Known at one time as sparrow grass, asparagus means spring in 27 languages.


An intensely sweet tuber touting more vitamins and minerals than its cousin, the carrot!


These purplish roots are the result of a chance hybridization centuries ago between turnips and cabbage.

Brussel Sprouts

These make an incredibly smooth, silky puree. Garden State grown.

Savoy Cabbage

This nutritional powerhouse is the sweetest and most tender of the cabbages.

Hubbard Squash

This heirloom squash has a sweet orange flesh that packs a major punch of beta carotene.

Old Henry

A white-skinned heirloom sweet potato with creamy, golden flesh and exceptional flavor. Vitamin A abounds.

Northern Spy

Native to the Northeast, with a juicy, aromatic and low-acid flesh. High in Vitamin C.

Celery Root

Rich and creamy with mild celery flavor. A good source of Vitamin K to promote bone development.

Buttercup Squash

The buttercup is a favorite winter squash prized for its dense, nutty flesh.


Tender and young, so there's never any of that bitter bite, just sweet green goodness.

Bosc Pear

First introduced in 1833, this variety is much loved for its dense, fragrant and buttery flesh.


Sweet and delicious, with a flavor not unlike the stem of broccoli.

Tokyo Turnips

Snow white and perfectly round, these turnips are sweet, mild and high in Vitamin C.


Horticulturists in Louisiana bred this variety to be hardy with rose colored skin & orange flesh.


This apple, from Fishkill Farms (certified Eco-Apple), is a descendant of McIntosh.

Purple Top

An heirloom variety that originated in Asia, these super-nutritious brassicas are high in vitamin C.

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